Reinvent Yourself:

Learn How to Start Your Own Venture

What is ELC?


ELC is a learning community located in the Dickinson Community in Binghamton University. We are a collection of students that share a common interest in entrepreneurship!

The ELC Family


Our residential floor is a very social environment. Members make friends right away, and find natural study groups for classes. Many people choose to continue living on the floor due to their strong friendships.

Why live on ELC?


Living in this community gives students the unique opportunity to work creatively, obtain vital business skills, and create lasting partnerships and friendships. Students share common interests, and work together on business ventures. We also have access to our entrepreneur in residence to help launch your project.

What do we do?


ELC focuses on developing members into capable entrepreneurs. Together, we organize innovative projects, collaborative initiatives, and an entrepreneur-focused speaker series.

Diversity Encouraged


We are open to anyone with ideas, passion, or an entrepreneurial spirit. The program is open to individuals of any major with the goal of creating a diverse environment enriched by many different talents. We have members in engineering, Environmental Science, Physical Health, and Business.

Want to live here?

It will not be easy! Sleepless nights and failure is a way of life here. Our community will support you in any way we can, but it is up to you and your work ethic to make a project successful. If this sounds like you, thirty others will be in our lounge working with you. Apply through Binghamton res-life today!

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